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Jiangyin city huaheng instrument co., LTDIs one specialized is engaged in the research and development、Production、SalesHYSeries Vibration monitoring instrumentThe axial displacementExpansion difference monitoring instrumentStroke displacement monitoring instrumentSpeed monitoring instrumentMonitor the temperatureAndIndustrial automation systemsThe high-tech joint-stock enterprises,Products are mainly used in steam turbines、Fan、Water pump、The speed reducer、Air compressor、Coal mill all kinds of rotating machinery, such as long-term monitoring and safety protection…
The name of the company:Jiangyin city huaheng instrument co., LTD
The ground The address:Jiangyin city, jiangsu province qingyang industrial park, embellish Yang road8Number
Contacts:Cao Jingli 13382285188
The phone:0510-81609298
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 2016In jiangyin city huaheng instrument co., LTD., the second Olympic Games a complete success
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