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  • 2019-2-2
    Fuyang QiMao the gods2018The annual customer thanks will successfully held!
    2019Years1Month31Development zone in Chinese hotel, fuyang small states,Fuyang QiMao company grandly held the gods2018Annual customer thanks will and good commendation meeting of employees! On-site customer active code,Fully understand the yangtze-huaihe riegl hair related products and services! Fuyang staff to the guest in the gods...
  • 2019-2-4
    Fuyang new gods QiMao group!
    Fuyang gods great New Year! Throughout the year2019The Spring Festival is coming,Fuyang gods QiMao group to everyone happy New Year! “Happy New Year to the national people's fuyang gods QiMao group A happy family!” Your browser does not support the vi...

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    Introduction to the enterprise
    Fuyang city gods automobile sales co., LTD Fuyang city gods automobile sales co., LTD,Is the agent jianghuai, brand marketing firms;In jianghuai, car sales、Logistics services and truck after-sales service of large entities。Companies, including:Fuyang gods4SThe shop(Fuyang city three miles pave involving state economic development zone)、Fuyang feng and automobile sales co., LTD(Sanhe logistics park east fuyang city economic and technological development zone007Number)、Fuyang HongAn companies such as motor transport co., LTD。 Fuyang city gods automobile sales co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as the company)In order to“The pursuit of excellence、Return society”As the eternal goal,To establish the enterprise brand car dealerships and logistics transportation services。Companies adhering to the“Pragmatic、Innovation、Responsibility、Mr Holder”The spirit of enterprise,In line with...

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