Zhejiang ou machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was established in2005Years,Headquarters is located in hangzhou city, zhejiang province,Is a focus on pile foundation industry of new technology and new product research and development、Manufacturing and promotion of integrated private enterprises。After nearly 10 years of steady development,Company's business has spread all over Asia、The americas、Europe、Australia、Africa,And in a number of core business areas has grown into the domestic leader,Including:Load cases、Load cases、Since the equilibrium method、Since the balance test、Since the balanced load cases、Since the balance method of load cases、Since the equilibrium method detection、Load box production、The load box manufacturers、Load cases of price、Method of pile foundation bearing capacity of the balance testing special load cases of research and development、The rotating drill and accessories、Drilling tools、Consumable materials、The manufacturing of items such as attachments, and so on。In addition,The company authorized agent, the United StatesTEIRock drill equipment company,Drilling construction enterprises in China and a drilling equipment manufacturers to provide advanced drilling solutions。
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